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My Craving

December 29th, 2008

PoetryIconSilent screams inside my head begging for:


Your fingers
trailing down my spine
dancing across my flesh
pinching, tugging, pulling
teasing my nipples to erect, firm pebbles

Your nails
engraving your passion on my flesh

Your hands

Your whip
lashing me into oblivion
kissing my flesh again and again
engraving Your love on my flesh

Your name
The needle darting in and out of my flesh
A trail of color
tracing the appellation of the creature to whom i belong

Your mark
The hot iron
searing into my flesh
permanently branding me on the outside to match the imprint on my heart

My hunger brings tears to my eyes
My thoughts are frantic
Make my flesh match the exquisite pain you’ve etched on my soul
Oh that the awe-inspiring master of me would hear my plea
I beg you
Quench this terrible thirst
Bring to the outside what is driving me insane on the inside

Silent screams inside my head begging for:


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