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Merry Christmas!

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So since there’s probably not much chance I’ll be writing tomorrow what with Master being home (Come on! Ya’ll can’t tell me you haven’t noticed that I don’t write when He’s home!) and it being Christmas and all, I figured I’d try to get something up today. Since all I can think about is our Charlie Brown Christmas, I guess I’ll tell you about that.

I’m pretty proud of our ingenuity!

Usually around Christmas time finances are pretty tight but we manage to get a tree, a few small gifts, Christmas dinner and any “extras” we may want. This year, we had to choose between the tree and gifts and the “extras”. In all honesty, the extras cost less than the tree and gifts and really were the practical choice. Master refused to give up Christmas dinner, though. Ham dinner is my favorite and can be pretty expensive so we only ever have it on Christmas. So there’s a ham sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked tomorrow.

Until yesterday, there wasn’t a decoration in sight. With everything that’s gone wrong this year and finances being what they are, my Christmas spirit just is not there. Even as I searched high and low for the box of garland and lights we had tucked away it was only because I wanted to see His smile. Not because I was excited about Christmas. If I had my way, I’d just as soon forget about Christmas altogether this year. But then I’d have to see His pouty little lips and hear His sad little sighs.

Thanksgiving is Master’s favorite holiday. But Christmas is the most important to Him. He’s a firm believer that everyone should be happy on Christmas. And for Him, that means watching my eyes light up when He hands me my presents. Seeing the smiles and tears, regardless of whether or not I told Him what I wanted, when I open them and see He picked out the perfect presents.

For me, it’s always been watching the people I care about open a gift they absolutely love. And maybe they realized how much thought went into it. Maybe not. But the art of gift giving, in my world, must be learned and fine tuned. One can’t just give any old gift! And if it’s something they wanted but never mentioned, all the better! Something that just oozes their nature all over. Perhaps I’m odd.  Read more…

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