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Er… what?

December 22nd, 2008

Master and I have been watching Scrubs. A lot. Originally it was “cause we felt like it” and then it was going to be a “catch up” thing (ABC is starting a new season of Scrubs soon.) until we realized it’s next to impossible to find any episodes after season six.

Long story short, an episode in season six (on watchscrubs.net it’s season six, episode six, but, as we found out the hard way, they have a lot of the episodes in the wrong order) is about a woman who has… I think an aneurysm and hears everyone singing instead of talking. Broadway musical type singing. Dancing and rhyming and the whole kit and caboodle. Carla sings a song to Turk because he’s always calling her Puerto Rican. She’s not Puerto Rican. She’s Dominican.

The song’s hilarious and it’s great to watch them dance to it. The only line I remember, though, is “I’m not a freakin’ Puerto Rican! I’m Dominican!” So it’s been playing over and over in my head for the last half hour or so.

Yeah, I think I’ve finally cracked.

That is all.

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