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I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. And the end of the year! And I’m not really sure what’s up with me, lately, but I can’t type for shit. No, really. Typos every two seconds. And my proofreading skills are going down the toilet.

So Master and I run this club on dA and it drives me crazy. People are utterly retarded. Can’t read the club rules. Can’t read the contest rules. Just plain can’t read.

I’ve got a bit of seasonal blues driving me nuts. Today’s the first time the sun’s been out in a week. Last Thursday evening an ice storm started that knocked half our city (among other places) out of power. We were lucky. Our power didn’t even flicker.

Things have been pretty good if one excludes my mouth. I try to control it. I really do! But I’ve always been a mouthy bitch. It’s a hard habit to break.

The other day I talked to Master about my wishy-washiness and we decided it’s time for both of us to step up. All or nothing is the only way both of us will be happy and secure. So we decided on all.

I’m still scared. What if we fail? What if things go awry? What if neither of us can hack it? But we’ve hacked it for six years (Our wedding anniversary was the 15th – Happy anniversary, again, Master!) so what’s six more? Or sixty more? Or a bazillion more? lol

I’m antsy today. Had a task to take care of that always makes me nervous. But everything went fine, as usual, so it’s all good.

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