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All Zedd All the Time!

December 13th, 2008

IMG_9071I’m going to ask Master if we can change the site’s name to that! Okay not really but I’d love to have a site just about our birds. Maybe I’ll try to talk Him into it.

Anyway, back to Zedd.

This morning, Master sprayed Zedd for fleas. He’s been itching a lot and he screams at various parts of his body every now and then so it’s either latent pain from the attacks or bugs.

He was such a good boy so Master let him out for a little while. At some point, Zedd got nervous on one of our fingers (I don’t remember whose.) and flew behind a couple dining room chairs. He started crying for help so I moved one of the chairs out and hunkered down to his level with the hope that I’d appear less ominous. I held out my hand and said “Come here, Zedd.” He toddled over to me, tentatively at first, and then hopped on my fingers without a moment’s hesitation. Usually he makes us go to him and even then it’s a toss up of whether he’s going to fly away or just step up.

I tried to get him to climb on my shoulder, and he almost did, but at the last minute he got nervous and started to walk up the hand he was standing on. Just before that, though, he almost nuzzled my face with his. Then he realized what he was doing and backed off.

I moved his toys around in his cage at Master’s suggestion. I didn’t realize that most of them were in odd positions making it difficult for him to actually play with them. Just a little while ago, he was sitting on his stick perch and reaching up to grab ahold of his bell and ring it. I was so proud!

This bird is turning out to be one of the coolest things Master’s done for us. I hope he lives a good long time. I’m not sure how old he is and he’s been through a lot. Hopefully we’ll be able to help him through a complete recovery.

His feathers are slowly starting to come back in. He looks funny with all these quills sticking out all over the place where there used to be nothing. But he’s going to be so much handsomer once he has all his tail feathers back. I’m excited to see how he looks when he’s not so raggedy.

Master’s in love, now, though. He wants another cockatiel. I can’t wait. I’m sure Zedd will love having someone to preen the top of his head for him.

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