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December 11th, 2008

Notice I have no tail feathers? Poor me.

I’m watching the snow come down from my chair at the dining room table. I always bitch about how much I hate snow and then when it actually comes down I smile.

Sometimes I find wisdom in the strangest places. A while back I mentioned that a lot of the girls out here are more interested in being on welfare than holding down jobs. I’m friends with a lot of them for various reasons, not the least of which being the fact that a lot of them, having had to cling to people to survive their situations, really know how to be a friend. People I’ve been friends with for years, supported through times of need, was a shoulder to cry on for have nothing on these girls.

And their advice is usually spot on.

I still haven’t called my mother. To be honest, I’m chicken shit. If the things my sister told me are true, I really have no idea how to support her. My father is a pussy. But if I said that to her, it would probably upset her more. But seriously! Who dissolves a 20+ years marriage in a friggin email? I love my dad but that’s just fucked up.

Zedd (that’s what Master named the new bird) is doing well. He likes to be hand fed and he makes me feed him my breakfast when I’m eating a bagel. We bought him new food with a wider variety of seeds. He loves it. Eats like he hasn’t eaten in a year. When he’s not making me feed him.

His favorite is sunflower seeds. He won’t eat the things that look like fruit loops. I don’t blame him. They smell like ass. And he yells at me if I stop feeding him.

He won’t let us touch him if he’s in the cage but when he comes out he’ll happily jump on our fingers.

I’m gonna take pictures today and put them up in our gallery. Poor raggedy bird.

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