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New Bird

December 3rd, 2008

IMG_9114So the other day a friend of mine asked me to take in her birds. She wasn’t completely sure she wanted to give them away and we weren’t completely sure we wanted to add a couple more loud ass kids to our family. So we waited. Giving everyone ample time to decide what they wanted to do.

On Thanksgiving, in an attempt to hurt her, my friend’s brother tortured one of the birds to death and tortured the other bird but he managed to get away. Our decision was made for us.

We now have a huge bird cage and a raggedy cockatiel living in Master’s office.

The poor bird has no tail feathers and is missing half the feathers on his back and head. It looks like his tormentor pulled out a few of his wing feathers too.

Last night, we went to her house to pick up the bird and the cage. She and I took the front of the cage off and then I started the work of trying to catch the frightened bird. I grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around him so I could get him into the box we were using to transport him without hurting him and we continued to dismantle the cage.

When we got home she and I put the cage together and Master opened the box to take a look at the bird. He reached into the box and the bird hopped right up on his fingers. After all the trouble I had getting him into the box I was shocked. And then I took him from Master and held him a while.

Now he’s at home bonding with the parakeets. Their cages are right next to each other and Sunshine (the girl parakeet) has glued herself to the front of the cage trying to get over to him. He slept on the perch closest to the parakeet’s cage though we cover the parakeets at night. We don’t really have anything big enough to cover this new cage, though. Gonna have to work on that.

He hisses at Master anytime Master goes near the cage. I’m not really sure why. He doesn’t hiss at me. I think it has something to do with the fact that his tormentor was male and it might take him a little while to realize that Master’s not going to hurt him. But I’m no bird psychologist and it’s been proven that sometimes birds become attached to only one person in a household so who knows?

All I know for certain is I’ve always wanted a cockatiel, having babysat for kids who owned one when I was younger, and I hope against hope we can get this little guy back in good health both mentally and physically.

One good thing has come of this. Master has absolutely fallen in love with cockatiels thanks to this poor raggedy little guy. In less than twenty-four hours. So once we’ve gotten him comfortable with his new home and he’s recovered some He’s planning on buying more. I’m so excited!

If any of our readers have experience in nursing sick or abused birds back to health, we’d greatly appreciate it. I have no idea what I’m doing here… lol

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