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Back Next Week

October 30th, 2008

Soooo things have been really quiet here. I know I said I’d keep blogging but things have been insanely busy at home. And spending quiet time with Master is more fun than blogging anyway 🙂

We’re moving. Smaller apartment, bigger city, scarier neighborhood. I love it. Why, yes! I am fucked in the head. *shrug* 

We’ll have internet access again on Monday (Holy quick transfer time, Batman! Master just made the call today!) and I’m under orders to start blogging again next week. So you’ll hear from me again on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll have more to say than “Blah blah blah so we’re working things out blah blah blah.” But if not… bear with me. I’m dealing with some serious writer’s block these days. I’ll get it back eventually 🙂

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