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October 24th, 2008

So we found a new apartment and we started moving in today. The landlord, aside from openly admitting that he’s not exactly the best about fixing stuff, seems pretty cool. And won’t be up our asses! Matter of fact, the only time we’ll see him is when we’re paying rent. That’s awesome!

Our current landlord is awesome, too. He called the new landlord and told him we’re excellent tenants and he wishes he didn’t have to let us go. Although I think that last is more because he’s allowing his daughter to move in and he’s paying for everything himself. As nice as it would be to have everything handed to me, I’m glad my parents made me work for things. I wouldn’t have survived as long as I have if they had handed me everything.

The apartment’s small and it’s in our old neighborhood. That kind of sucks. But I really like it and, oddly enough, I’m more comfortable in our old neighborhood than I am here.

Here I feel like I have to put on airs and be someone I’m not cause of all the rich bitches that live in this town. There I can sit up in our cozy lil apartment and be who I am and not care what anyone thinks. Cause everyone’s fucking up there. Even if they’re not, just the fact that they’re living there means they’re fucking up. It’s one of those neighborhoods.

I’m going to enjoy having everything major within walking distance again. Stewarts up the road. Library two blocks away. Along with the courthouse, police station, post office, city hall, head shops, theaters (movie and play), Price Chopper, gas stations. I could probably go on forever.

And the pizza place across the street from our current apartment? My favorite pizza place in the world? Yeah, they deliver there. Isn’t that fucking awesome??

There’s a bar across the street. I’m looking forward to going to the bar again. It’s been years. And, since the majority of my friends are over 21, I have a place to meet the friends that I don’t want to bring up to my apartment for whatever reason. Like if I want to meet more than three people at once (friends still have “reunions”, right?). Because the apartment’s that small.

There’s stores on either side of us and a bank three buildings up. And, aside from the gaggle of kids standing on the corner waiting for the bus, the morning seems to be pretty quiet there. That works for me. I like quiet mornings.

I’ve started a blog on honesty. It’s actually a little more revealing than I’m used to. But hey! You gotta open up sometime, right? 

I don’t agree with kitten’s idea that blogging and reading blogs about relationships is a bad thing. Especially if you keep in mind that not everything works for everyone. Reading blogs by people who are very into what they do and open and honest with their readers about the realities of BDSM has really helped me to be comfortable with a) being who/what I am and b) opening up, once again, to Master. But we’re all entitled to our own opinions, right?

I’m still not entirely convinced that telling Him everything is a good thing. I think it might ultimately be our undoing (I’m a pretty fucked up individual). But I am convinced that, good or bad, it’s what He wants. And it’s definitely what I want. I’ve never been able to be 100% honest with anyone. I always hold little bits of me back. More on that in the honesty blog, I guess.

He hung me up for the first time in… forever. We were both disappointed to find out that my pain tolerance has seriously gone down, an issue He tried to remedy quick, fast and in a hurry last night.

But instead of begging for it, I told Him to do what He wanted. He wanted me eager for it, not submitting to it. I will be soon enough, I’m sure. But between the worst migraine I’ve had in my life and the current state of affairs at Casa Melen, it was just not working in my head the way it should have.

He used the kangaroo flogger first, which I was really enjoying. He suggested the paddle and I almost begged Him to burn it. Sensing my disinterest, He took me down and ordered me to the bed where I licked and kissed and suckled at His flesh until He rolled to His back and pushed His cock into my mouth.

That’s when the cane came out. I’d have taken the paddle over the cane any day. Especially when He caught the back of my right knee. Jesus Christ that hurt. Then He fucked my ass. Hard and rough. And allowed me to get myself off while He fucked it. Absolute ecstasy.

I guess that’s all I had to ramble about today. He’s wanting me to go help Him sort stuff to keep and stuff to throw away. Have a great day! I know I will… once we get my check cashed and I can have a fucking cigarette. Holy… I still have three hours at least.

*waves to A cause I know she’s reading this*

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