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Don’t Vote.

October 9th, 2008

So in case you were wondering, I was given permission to lay off the blogging till Saturday. We’re both still a little raw. I’m doing much better and things are slowly falling into place, but Master, whose world I turned upside down, is still a little nervous. Who can blame Him? I seriously fucked up.

The rest of this break in temporary silence, however, is for us thick-headed, stubborn, complacent Americans. Present company included.

I’m not big on politics. I always agree with half of what each of the candidates say but never all. And I never vote. Even though I’ve been registered since I moved to New York. I mean, really… What’s the point? My vote doesn’t count, right? The electoral college can vote however they want… right?

Except they rarely ever do. If memory serves, from the government class I just barely passed, they’ve only gone against the people’s choice once in 232 years. That’s a pretty good track record, if you ask me. Which you didn’t. But I’m telling you anyway.

But our world as we know it is on its way to insanity, I think. How can we all not think that what with the way the economy, the planet, our system is going? And since I don’t have five friends, I figured I’d bombard all of you (if I even have any readers left after the past few weeks) with a message from a few of my favorite celebrities. 


Tell our government you care. Make them listen to us for a change.

You have to have your application to register postmarked tomorrow and into the office by the 15th in New York. The deadline in some states was October 4th. If you’re still eligible, get’r done. Here’s some sites you can register on:

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