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Mindless Blather

September 30th, 2008

So things have been crazy here, to say the least. As if you couldn’t tell by the huge lack in entries. I’m not going into the nitty gritty. Just trust that things have been crazy and I caused it all by my lonesome.

I started an entry yesterday to put up today and then for some reason decided about an hour ago that it wasn’t valid and deleted it. However, it is valid and now I want to post it and I have no idea what I said in it or what was so valid about it. I… am a moron. And I always try to put a “G” after that word. So I guess I’m actually a morong, whatever that is.

First things first… Over at Carrie’s place she mentioned hating making phone calls (among other things that I never comment on because I never really know what to say). I tried to comment but… apparently I’m lacking in the commenting-at-Carrie’s-place abilities. In short… it didn’t work. So I’m just going to say here that I also loath the phone. So much so that the fact that I’m not a secretary (“Oh yes you are, bitch. You’re whatever I say you are.”) has been the center of many arguments and the cause of many punishments.

Uh… I guess that was last things first too cause I really don’t have much else to say and I’m being sent to clean the kitchen.

Maybe I’ll give a better entry a shot later. Hope your day went well!

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