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I’m sick – My response

September 20th, 2008

Not being one to ask a question without answering it myself, I guess it’s time I take a moment to tell what happens in our relationship before launching into the tirade that I’ve been planning for when I had time to sit down and launch it.

I’ve spent much of my life taking after my father, the main difference being me enjoying relinquishing control and him having to have an iron grasp on it. When I’m sick, it’s no different. Just like him, I work myself to death and I’d rather just be left alone. Sure, a quick snuggle here and a bowl of chicken noodle soup made by someone else there is welcome and enjoyed. But when all is said and done I’m a royal bitch in the best of circumstances. When I’m sick… I’m Attila the Hun.

While Master does allow me to let major housework wait and go to bed early (sometimes), I still cook dinner (unless we order out, which is the same when I’m healthy), wait on Him (whether He’s also sick or not, which He is right now), play if He wants to, and any other number of slavey duties that He might decide need taking care of.

And, not that it matters, but in my opinion this is the way it should be. Because our 24/7 Master/slave relationship doesn’t stop when I get the sniffles. And taking care of me, for me, doesn’t mean pampering me. It means forcing me to get off my ass and stop feeling sorry for myself. Unless getting off my ass would be damaging. But that’s a different story altogether.

Which brings me to my tirade…

Someone on FetLife said:

I personally think that if your master/mistress doesn’t understand and take care of you, expecially if you are sick then they are selfish and are not very good owners and you should trade them in for a better one!!!

We’ll start with the fact that there’s no “X” in “especially” and move on to my personal belief that yours is a very narrow-minded viewpoint.

Generally speaking, dominants are selfish. It’s all part and parcel to the whole dom gig. They don’t spank us strictly because we enjoy it. That’d be a little backwards, if you ask me. But being selfish doesn’t automatically put them in the “bad owner” category. If I died because Master tied me up and rushed off to bang the girl next door without checking to make sure I could breathe and such, that would be the stuff “bad owners” are made of. However, not dropping everything to dote on His slave when she has a touch of the flu and is going to work every day anyway? Not “bad owner” stuff. ::shrug::

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