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September 10th, 2008

bondageShe laid on the bed lazily stroking her freshly shaved thigh. Fifteen years ago she’d have been curling the cord around her fingertips nervously as the dark voice that whispered from the receiver tickled her ear. But phones didn’t have cords anymore. And so she stroked her own thigh stoking the fire his voice was already igniting in her stomach. No. Lower.

She giggled softly at his words as she noticed her breath had quickened. His growl only deepened, gaining more malice. Soft whispers of “I love you.” slipped between her moist lips before she pressed the button ending the call. She crawled between the sheets wishing he hadn’t had to travel tonight. Or she didn’t have to work tomorrow.

The doorbell roused her from a strange dream of purple penguins and talking ducklings. She tugged a bathrobe around her silk-clad body and slipped her manicured toes into matching slippers. She opened the door and he came out of the darkness.

His fists hit her chest knocking the wind from her lungs as she tumbled to the floor and stared up at him in horror. He fell upon her then, pinning her to the floor with both hands wrapped around her throat.

She thrashed. She kicked. Her hands flew to his wrists. With each twist of her body in effort to throw him off his grip tightened.

He lifted his hands and stared down at her.

He shook his head and laughed. “Bummer. That look is one of surprise. I was aiming for fear.” He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her face close to his. “You will be afraid when I’m done. You’ll be very afraid.”

He yanked her to her feet and shoved her across the room. She backpedaled quickly and lost her balance crumpling in a heap in front of the bedroom door. He grasped another fistful and yanked her back to standing. Each hand rested on a shoulder before spinning her to face the back of the house. He pushed her to the basement stairs and, once there, shoved her down. For a moment, she saw stars.

When she heard his footsteps descending, she leaped to her feet and backed out of the way. He smiled at her, then reached out and shoved her back down. She slid a good distance across the dirt floor before skidding to a stop beside the water heater. She pushed back up to her feet and backed into the tank placing both open palms against its warm surface.

He reached over head and tugged on the light and she shuddered when she looked into his eyes. What tiny bit of warmth she always found in them was gone. They were empty. And he was smiling.

His hand reached just out of the circle of light and brought back something shining. He placed the tip just within her hairline and dragged it over her forehead, down the slope of her nose, across each lip. He stopped between her breasts and twisted slowly while staring into her eyes. She smiled at him remembering their bargain. He would tell her when He was ready to take her further than they’d been down this road. He’d warn her at least.

When the blade parted the silk material covering her chest, she shivered with delight. When the blade parted the flesh on the swell of her left breast she realized the bargain was meaningless. He would do as he wished.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

He returned the blade to its place after drawing various patterns in her flesh. None of the cuts were deep enough to cause alarm. But she was plenty alarmed.

His fist caught her upper lip just right and she tasted blood. The next punch he threw she caught and he used her grip against her to pin her arm behind her back. She tried to twist away and succeeded only in coming close to dislocating her own shoulder.

He leaned down and crushed his lips to hers. When he drew away he licked her blood from his lips and moaned softly at the taste. His right hand went to her throat and his left fist connected with her stomach. She crumbled forward a moment before he pinned her upright again.

His fist connected with her face again, this time rocking her head against the water heater. He kissed her again with a fist wrapped up in her hair to hold her face still. When he finished, he pulled back and spit in her face. Both her hands came up to wipe the saliva away and he swatted them off. He spit in her face again and shoved her back to the dirt.

She stared up at him as he got closer and her jaw dropped when he kicked her to her back. He began to kick her repeatedly until she begged him to stop. Then he grabbed her by the hair and tossed her onto a dirty mattress lying on the floor. She sat up to attempt escape when she saw what was in his hand.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees. He pressed the edge of the blade to her throat and guided her face to his crotch. As he scrubbed her face against his cock, she whimpered softly and tried to pull away. The blade bit sharply into her throat reminding her who was in control.

The distinct sound of a zipper filled the air and a cock filled her throat. As she choked and sputtered, he violently fucked her mouth. The knife clattered to the ground and she broke away and scrambled for it hoping to toss it in the pile of junk and lose it. He was upon her and twisted it from her hand with almost no effort.

The knife nicked her arm as he shoved her to the mattress. He sat on her chest and shoved his cock between her lips. He fucked her face for what seemed to her like hours before ripping his cock out of her mouth and shooting his load in her hair, on her face, on the mattress.

A rattle of chains shook her into action and she began to fight. She twisted this way and that to keep him from locking the chain to her collar. She slapped at his hands only to be knocked to the mattress by his fist.

He began to punch her then. Her stomach. Her breasts. Her arms. Her legs. Two solid blows to the jaw started another round of the tears that had been flowing in waves since he shoved her down the stairs. And then she laid still. Conscious but too terrified to move.

He locked the chain to her throat and smiled.

“I’ve been planning this all week. I tried to warn you but you’re oblivious. Maybe you’ll pay more attention from now on.” He reached over his head and tugged the light off. “Oh… we’ve got the house to ourselves for a week. And your boss approved your impromptu vacation. She told me next time to remember to call her more than a week in advance. But she’ll let it go this time. Good night.”

“M-m-master?” she stammered as his footsteps retreated.

The basement door shut solidly in reply.

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