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Uh… rant? What rant? I’m just talking here…

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First things first. I got out of the shower yesterday afternoon (I was off you know!) and decided to see how much more weight I would have to lose to be in my favorite “skinny pants” (a pair of black wide-leg jeans I haven’t been able to wear since I was 20). I put one leg in and was surprised at how loose it felt. Then I slid the other in and tugged them up… over my thighs… then over my hips… then I buttoned them with ease and zipped them without sucking in.

And I screamed.

I literally bounced around the house laughing and giggling while I got ready for lunch with Master. It feels so good to be back in those jeans. And when we went to lunch, I ordered a $5 sub from Quizznos. I only ate half and half my cookie and saved the rest for later. I’m so proud. Usually I’d force myself to eat at least three quarters before choking down the entire cookie. I still drank way too much soda.

Ok… the real reason I wanted to write.

I’m going to try real hard not to be offensive but I’ve got a bitch. Just a little one. And I figured that since everyone else has been ranting about the community lately, it’s my turn.

I am so sick of the holier than thou, my moral compass points in the right direction and yours is way off, all the ways around here are my ways and you’d do best to ask permission to use them cuntery that is going on everywhere you turn in the BDSM community. My own included. Read more…

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