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Whining is unbecoming a slave…

August 28th, 2008

… but I’m so damned annoyed!

So I’m down to 219 and holding. It’s pissing me off. I got on the scale this morning and it said 218.4. It’s the first time I’ve been below 219 since this insane scramble to lose started (Speaking of which, I forgot to ask Master if He wanted me to start my new exercise regime today.). And I’m guessing this time next week it’ll be back up again.

Work… well, I can’t decide if work sucks balls or if my period’s making me overly touchy. I was almost in tears when I left the mansion and absolutely livid by the time I got home today. It’s not what they’re doing so much as what’s different. The bosses went from overly cheerful and utterly pleased with my work to suddenly sarcastic and not a smile to be seen. And there is absolutely no indication as to why.

Today, after a major scare (Roast turkey breast for lunch – precooked but still mostly frozen – Oven was on 500 from the minute I walked in – 5:55am – until I temped it at 11:30. It temped at 136. For those of you not in the know that’s way too low.), I managed to save lunch and get it out without a hitch. So long as you ignore the fact that I spilled hot (just out of the oven) turkey juice all over my leg (then lifted the cloth of my scrubs off my skin just long enough for it to cool – about five seconds – and went back to serving) and somehow stuck my hand in extremely hot (just out of the oven) apple cobbler (then ripped the sanitation glove off, put a new one on and went back to serving… had I not had a glove on I’d have snatched back a hand covered in third degree burns), which everyone else did.

Yesterday, as I was leaving, I was handed a stack of paperwork to get filled out and signed by each of our 35 residents by Monday. I have tomorrow and Saturday off. When I left today I only had seven left to do. All of them were out of the building. I’ll have all but one done by Sunday afternoon. The one that won’t be is on a home visit so I won’t be able to do it until she gets back.

For some reason, everyone thinks I should have done a meal census (documentation on how much everyone is eating) summary for August already. Even the bosses. But… August isn’t over yet. How can I summarize August if August isn’t over?

For some reason I thought Labor Day was the fourth so I did no ordering for it because I thought I had plenty of time. Because of this, I also assumed I’d be getting my order on my usual day so I didn’t have to order for any extra days. We’re getting the order on Wednesday. I only ordered enough food until Monday night. It’s going to be fun figuring out what to substitute all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday. However, M blamed all this on our sales rep for not reminding us that our order was being bumped and telling us to what day in advance as her sales rep (same company, different division) did.

So, unless the decidedly snide comments (“What the hell do you care? He’s leaving soon.” when all I asked was what they wanted me to do about something because no matter what I did, if I did it without asking, it would have been wrong. And then asking was wrong, too.) were really just because they were busy (which I doubt), they have a problem and for some reason aren’t saying what it is. Which makes sense, I guess. They can’t really afford to lose me. I’m keeping the kitchen running. But I’d rather learn how to do my job right than be tiptoed around.

Blah. All I talk about here anymore is work. All I talk about anywhere anymore is work. Someone send me a winning lottery ticket so I can quit. The jackpot is something like $114 million right now. And we can’t afford to spend a dollar and play. How lame is that?

To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement. To say I’m having trouble finding the beauty in BDSM right now would be just plain being nice. But I’m content in my relationship. And I’m happy to be owned. And I can’t wait till Master walks through the door tonight. I miss Him dreadfully.

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