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Whining is unbecoming a slave…

August 28th, 2008 Comments off

… but I’m so damned annoyed!

So I’m down to 219 and holding. It’s pissing me off. I got on the scale this morning and it said 218.4. It’s the first time I’ve been below 219 since this insane scramble to lose started (Speaking of which, I forgot to ask Master if He wanted me to start my new exercise regime today.). And I’m guessing this time next week it’ll be back up again.

Work… well, I can’t decide if work sucks balls or if my period’s making me overly touchy. I was almost in tears when I left the mansion and absolutely livid by the time I got home today. It’s not what they’re doing so much as what’s different. The bosses went from overly cheerful and utterly pleased with my work to suddenly sarcastic and not a smile to be seen. And there is absolutely no indication as to why.

Today, after a major scare (Roast turkey breast for lunch – precooked but still mostly frozen – Oven was on 500 from the minute I walked in – 5:55am – until I temped it at 11:30. It temped at 136. For those of you not in the know that’s way too low.), I managed to save lunch and get it out without a hitch. So long as you ignore the fact that I spilled hot (just out of the oven) turkey juice all over my leg (then lifted the cloth of my scrubs off my skin just long enough for it to cool – about five seconds – and went back to serving) and somehow stuck my hand in extremely hot (just out of the oven) apple cobbler (then ripped the sanitation glove off, put a new one on and went back to serving… had I not had a glove on I’d have snatched back a hand covered in third degree burns), which everyone else did. Read more…

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