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Reasons to Yell

August 26th, 2008

So I decided to write my blog for today. And I’m stuck at nothing.

I’ve gotten yelled at a lot. Before I even think about what I’m doing I let little smart ass comments slip out of my mouth. I get frustrated and just can’t clamp my teeth down on my tongue.

Like the other day… Master and I have started sitting in the bedroom at night instead of being on the computer or watching TV. Sometimes we read. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we just sit there and stare at the walls making comments every now and then. Really depends on what’s going on and how tired we are.

I’ve been epically tired lately. Waking up at 2:30 every morning when I don’t have to be up till 5 bites balls! But that’s another story.

He says to me as we go into the bedroom, “This is starting to annoy me.” pointing to the once neatly piled (not folded, mind) clothes strewn all over the love seat (Yes… we have a love seat in our bedroom.).

And I thought of the fact that at 5:45am I was still searching high and low for a bra only to find He’d buried it at the bottom of the pile. And then I thought of the fact that He’d put the clothes there to begin with. I looked at Him, sufficiently perturbed, and said, “Well, next time don’t bury my bra at the bottom of the pile.”

I thought He was gonna kill me! The look in His eye, had I not scooted off to where I was headed in the first place, might have. But the worst of it was when I walked away thinking He had no reason to yell. And I could justify it ten ways to Sunday. Starting with the fact that He buried my bra at the bottom of the pile and I was almost late for work because I couldn’t find it!

Maybe that was yesterday? I don’t remember. That’s really sad. My days are running together ridiculously lately.

I’m just glad I kept my mouth shut instead of telling Him why He didn’t have a reason to yell at me. Especially now that I’m sitting here thinking about how much it sucks ass that He doesn’t have to have a reason. And at that particular moment, He had a good one.

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