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Party Till You Drop!

August 23rd, 2008 Comments off

This week’s been a little crazy, if you hadn’t noticed from the lack of entries. Not because of work this time. Because I’ve gotten increasingly addicted to my sudden influx in time alone with Master. He’s been home most of the week due to His over night work.

He took yesterday off as comp time for all the extra work He’s been doing lately. He worked something crazy like eighteen hours straight getting a server that caught on fire installed on another machine. We spent the entire day talking. Well, we went to cash my check and grocery shopping. And then we spent the rest of the day talking.

Which brings me to the only reason I wanted to write this morning.

I was apologizing for not being everything He needs in a slave. For making His life at home more difficult rather than easier. For always having an attitude problem. Part of the recent goings on have been due to my period but that’s no excuse. I need to learn to control it. I’ve learned to control all my other quirks.

He said, “You’re a royal fucking cunt!” and He paused for a second. “But I wouldn’t give you up for anything in the world.”

I just hugged His leg and smiled. It’s wonderful to be wanted.

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