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Abandoned Cane: Used!

August 19th, 2008

Master used the abandoned cane for the first time. And I liked it! Can you believe it?

I don’t really know what else to say. Toward the end He started hitting me harder and I started to hate it. But my cunt just continued to get wetter. Cause when I hate it is when I love it most.

He said something like “I bet the old owner used this to beat his wife with. Keep her in line.” For some reason, He really likes that notion.

It’s fun to wonder about that old cane. To wonder who it belonged to, what they did with it. Sometimes I find myself feeling guilty. What if some fetishist went there to do a photo shoot and left it behind? And they planned on going back and retrieving it? Finders keepers? Somehow I think they’d feel differently.

Buuuut it’s too late now. I am not going back and returning it. I might go back. But the cane will stay in Master’s possession unless He decides otherwise. Especially since I love it so much! Sorry friendly kinkster. It’s mine now!

Is that wrong? Lol…

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