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“Stupid is forever…

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…ignorance can be fixed.” Don Wood

So this little foray into kitchen management isn’t going so well. My second in command is fucking up royally. Three minutes into arriving at work this morning I wanted to hang myself. An hour later, I realized that, knowing my luck, if I hang myself I’ll screw up and not only will I have to recover from a broken neck and attempted death by self-asphyxiation, but the kitchen will be in even larger shambles (and not run by me) when I get back and Master would kick my ass. Then I’m in even bigger trouble than when I started.

I love her. I do. She’s an awesome lady. But gods is she ever… dense. I gave her step by step explicit instructions, even going so far as to write them down for her and place them where she could see them, and she still managed to destroy grilled cheese and tomato soup. Monday she mangled western omelets and blamed it on me (even though she’d completely ignored my directions). The only thing she seems to be capable of is making a plain old sandwich with nothing on it. And I have to wonder how the hell she managed to raise two boys.

I’m not looking forward to going in to work tomorrow. We have a new guy starting tomorrow that M said was starting in the kitchen but J keeps talking about making him a PCA. They’re fully staffed on PCAs. The kitchen is what doesn’t have enough coverage. But sure… screw me over some more. Read more…

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