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No Sign of Stopping

July 29th, 2008

Day six and still no sign of stopping. I’m probably stuck working at least 12 days in a row. I’m already wiped.

They bought me the cutest scrub top. It’s Disney babies. And they’re adorable. So now I have two Disney tops.

Today’s going to be crazy. On Friday, one of the PCAs threw a temper tantrum and I was the center of it. Someone told J that we were screaming at each other in front of the residents but that’s just not true. I asked her to come to the kitchen so I could shut the door. And she did. And we talked in the kitchen until the residents were in the dining room. Talked. We didn’t scream. M wants to talk to us today.

My ex-boss left a ton of shit for me to do. Thank goodness I have till Thursday for most of it. But I need to get started today.

BDSM? What’s that? Is that where you work till you drop?

Seriously, though. There’s no time for anything anymore. I mean, I’m barely going to get this up before I have to leave for work. And Master’s had it. He’s tired of them jerking me around. He’s sick of the rumors. He wants me either getting the raise and promotion or getting the fuck out of there. And I can’t blame Him. Looking at a 12 day stretch seems pretty fucking bleak.

I need a nap.

Supposedly by the end of this week we’ll have enough people trained for the kitchen for me to have a day off. At this point, I don’t care if it happens or Master makes me quit. But by the end of the week you guys should be getting better blog posts. I hope. Unless I just suck all around. They’ll be more on topic, though! Maybe. 😛

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