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No Sign of Stopping

July 29th, 2008 Comments off

Day six and still no sign of stopping. I’m probably stuck working at least 12 days in a row. I’m already wiped.

They bought me the cutest scrub top. It’s Disney babies. And they’re adorable. So now I have two Disney tops.

Today’s going to be crazy. On Friday, one of the PCAs threw a temper tantrum and I was the center of it. Someone told J that we were screaming at each other in front of the residents but that’s just not true. I asked her to come to the kitchen so I could shut the door. And she did. And we talked in the kitchen until the residents were in the dining room. Talked. We didn’t scream. M wants to talk to us today.

My ex-boss left a ton of shit for me to do. Thank goodness I have till Thursday for most of it. But I need to get started today. Read more…

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