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Abandoned Cane

July 23rd, 2008

Yesterday Master and I started on a hike that was supposed to be *just* a hike. Then we decided it was time to explore the abandoned houses we’ve been lusting after for… well, as long as we’ve been hiking there.

Being the fearless beast I am, I trotted right through all the extremely tall (read: taller than me in some places and almost as tall as Him) weeds and grasses and wandered through all the rooms. I climbed the rickety, un-railed stairs to the second floor of the second house we walked through, then hurried up the next set to the attic.

It was there that I saw it. A small, seemingly metal hook laying on the hardwood floor of the attic. I got all excited thinking maybe it lifted lose floor boards and hid some really cool treasure trove. So… I grabbed it, lifted it, and realized it was an old abandoned rattan cane. Much thinner than the one Master already owns.

Before my mind could engage, my traitorous mouth was already singing “Daddy! I found a new toy for you!” It seems to be in pretty good condition so the question is how do I go about cleaning it without destroying it so we can use it? Or should we just put it on a shelf and admire it?

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