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Not the Mama

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I don’t save people. It’s not something I do.

I used to try. I used to make a damn good attempt to save people from danger, other people, themselves, venomous snakes, rabid or vicious animals or just plain bad situations. I used to repeat myself repeatedly (*snicker*) to try and make them see what they were getting themselves into. I’d scream and yell and flail my arms to be met with… complete and total complacency. The people I was trying to save were happy with their decision to face the danger, whatever it was, head on regardless of the possible consequences.

So I stopped saving people. I was wasting my time and they weren’t learning anything. Sharing my knowledge in this way was a complete and total waste. For me, for them, and for everyone involved.

Instead, I now express my opinion, talk about how I’d do things differently, avoid sticky situations with the hope that people following me or walking with me will go around them as well and I give advice. But once it’s out of my mouth (or fingers, as the case may be) it’s out of my hands and I let it go. And if someone reading is stupid enough to take everything I say at face value without finding out if there is more involved that I didn’t feel important enough to include and apply it to their own way of life and finds it doesn’t work for them I don’t blame myself. I don’t hold it against myself. I lay blame where it’s due. And I don’t feel it belongs at my feet. Read more…

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