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Because I Can.

July 20th, 2008

So we were sitting in the living room. Just talking. All day yesterday that’s all we did. Well, if you exclude the ass fucking when we woke up and the much more brutal ass fucking that took place later.

He had given me permission to touch myself and make myself cum and do whatever I wanted to myself earlier in the day so almost immediately after His cock went into my ass my left hand (Which is bizarre because usually I can’t make myself cum with my left hand. Ambidextrous in almost every other way but that one.) went to my clit and started diddling furiously. It took longer than usual but the more He growled into my ear “Daddy wants to feel you cum with Him in your ass. Get your cunt off, slut.” the higher I flew.

It hurt. God did it hurt. And I tried to pull away at first. “Push back on it, cunt. Now!” and the hand in my hair was all that kept me there. Until it started to feel good. And then my hand was in my cunt. It was the first time I ever came with Him in my ass. And it felt so good. So, so good.

But… I digress.

We were sitting in the living room. I was on the floor between the love seat and sofa and He was on the sofa. I was leaning back against the love seat with my arms folded behind me and my legs crossed Indian style and tucked up against the leather-covered kick board of the sofa. He was holding a glass of water. Almost empty. There was probably four or five ounces of water still remaining inside. Half a cup.

Suddenly, the water was all over me and the glass was on the coffee table.

“What’d you do that for??!?”

“Because I can.”

I was completely indignant and disbelieving. He really just dumped a glass of water on me… because He can? Are you serious?

“I was thinking, I don’t want this anymore. What should I do with it? And then I thought, I could just dump it on her. And then I did.”

Just because He could. He felt like it so He did. And while I was incredulous, I was also dumbfounded with admiration. Over a stupid cup of water.

But of course I went to change.

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