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A Response to a Response

July 19th, 2008

i’m shocked that this crowd is objecting to the concept of technological advances in behavior control through pain. rayne, who has eloquently spoken of her joy in submission, might enjoy traveling not only with a stun bracelet, but naked, cuffed, gagged, blindfolded, and butt-plugged; and displayed so that the public could be assured she is under control for the flight. floggings could be administered by the first class passengers. what is more american than the rich abusing the poor? besides, islamofascists wouldn’t get on the planes any more, so we would make flying immediately safer. air travel is both grueling and dangerous – this solves both problems. since when do we oppose corporal punishment? a well-whipped passenger is a well-behaved passenger.

This comment was posted on Slave Farm in response to my news post about the stun bracelet. Maybe the poster was being facetious; I don’t know. But I was sort of annoyed and a little insulted at first. Maybe I still am. To suggest that I (or anyone else, for that matter) am somehow less of a masochist/slave because I oppose forcing human beings to wear stun bracelets in order to travel in an airplane, with all do respect, is asinine.

I don’t oppose it on a personal level. I’d probably get some sort of twisted enjoyment from it. I enjoy, most of the time, being treated like an animal. I’m happiest when Master chains me to the wall or makes me squat outside to pee or leashes me and holds my leash as I sit/kneel/lay beside Him.

But just because I enjoy it does not mean I condone it for everyone else in the world. If it makes them happy, by all means.

But if it doesn’t… well, isn’t that part of the whole [[BDSM]] mantra ([[SSC]]) anyway? That everything be consensual? Or that the submissive at least consent to non-consent? I don’t know many people, American or otherwise, who are going to happily lock a bracelet on their wrist content in the assumption that so long as they know they’re not doing anything wrong the government will also know this and not shock them. Especially this day and age when faith in the U.S. government, among Americans and other nationalities alike, is at an all-time low.

Our government is still made up of mostly men. This, much to the dismay of American feminists, is still a man’s world. So my fury at being controlled by a government that professes freedom could be quelled somewhat by the knowledge that I was bending to the will of men. But what of the others? What of the dominant men being forced to bend to the will of other men? What of the women who have no interest in being controlled? Least of all by a bunch of overweight, over the hill, self-interested, high class males.

And what about the people flying into our country? For those of you saying “Stupid Americans. Oh well. It doesn’t affect us.” it would affect you. You would be forced to wear these bracelets to fly into America as well. Unless you plan to just never come here. Which is fine, too. If I had the choice I’d never come here either.

To say the “islamofascists” (though they really aren’t the only people we have to be worried about, truth be told) would never get on a plane again is rather naive. This bracelet will only force them to learn to be more prepared. More intelligent. More technologically advanced. In essence, more dangerous. After 9/11 and its repercussions, I really don’t think we need the terrorists to be more dangerous.

I don’t believe in “Behave and it won’t affect you.” My father sticks to that motto. It’s great in theory but it’s rarely ever practiced. “Innocent until proven guilty” rarely holds true in the U.S. anymore. And then what?

Now they’ve immobilized (and possibly killed, should they have a heart condition the government didn’t know about) and harmed an innocent person. I don’t believe in harming one innocent person to protect millions more. Not when it can be prevented and have the same result. I’m sure there are better ways of ensuring our safety. Ways that don’t encroach on our rights as… American citizens? Human beings? Whatever it is we are that entitles us to the right to move about freely and without restraint so long as we are not proven criminals.

That’s the problem with Americans today. We’re willing to give up our rights, freedoms, civil liberties in order to feel safer. We can’t see passed the ends of our noses so we don’t see the wall of cement blocks and steel bars the government is steadily building around us. And if we don’t rise up – and soon! – the door to our cage will be welded shut and climbing out again will be next to impossible. Maybe that’s a case of me being overly paranoid? But I’d rather be overly paranoid and free than complacent and caged by the government in the name of safety.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
~Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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