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A Response to a Response

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i’m shocked that this crowd is objecting to the concept of technological advances in behavior control through pain. rayne, who has eloquently spoken of her joy in submission, might enjoy traveling not only with a stun bracelet, but naked, cuffed, gagged, blindfolded, and butt-plugged; and displayed so that the public could be assured she is under control for the flight. floggings could be administered by the first class passengers. what is more american than the rich abusing the poor? besides, islamofascists wouldn’t get on the planes any more, so we would make flying immediately safer. air travel is both grueling and dangerous – this solves both problems. since when do we oppose corporal punishment? a well-whipped passenger is a well-behaved passenger.

This comment was posted on Slave Farm in response to my news post about the stun bracelet. Maybe the poster was being facetious; I don’t know. But I was sort of annoyed and a little insulted at first. Maybe I still am. To suggest that I (or anyone else, for that matter) am somehow less of a masochist/slave because I oppose forcing human beings to wear stun bracelets in order to travel in an airplane, with all do respect, is asinine.

I don’t oppose it on a personal level. I’d probably get some sort of twisted enjoyment from it. I enjoy, most of the time, being treated like an animal. I’m happiest when Master chains me to the wall or makes me squat outside to pee or leashes me and holds my leash as I sit/kneel/lay beside Him.

But just because I enjoy it does not mean I condone it for everyone else in the world. If it makes them happy, by all means.

But if it doesn’t… well, isn’t that part of the whole [[BDSM]] mantra ([[SSC]]) anyway? That everything be consensual? Or that the submissive at least consent to non-consent? I don’t know many people, American or otherwise, who are going to happily lock a bracelet on their wrist content in the assumption that so long as they know they’re not doing anything wrong the government will also know this and not shock them. Especially this day and age when faith in the U.S. government, among Americans and other nationalities alike, is at an all-time low. Read more…

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