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A Master Is…

July 14th, 2008

I was actually looking for a specific story I wanted to submit to an online publisher and decided now was as good a time as any to clean out the blog fragments and other documents I no longer need. I came across an entry I published when we were still experimenting with Gor and I realized that once in a while I make sense. Even when speaking in third person. That’s bizarre!

Anyway… I decided to post part of it again:

Which brings us to a master. A master is a guide, a teacher, and a disciplinarian. He is judge, jury, and executioner. He conquers a slave’s will and takes from her whatever he wishes. He strips a slave of her pride and ego, until she stands before him defenseless begging for the things she craves without hesitation. A slave has no business being prideful. An egotistical slave is unattractive. And a good master recognizes that the slave knows, whether she initially chooses to acknowledge it or not, that she has no use for these things.

A master doesn’t settle. It’s his way or no way. He doesn’t back down and he doesn’t give in. If a slave tries to manipulate his will, he puts her in her place however he feels necessary. When a slave breaks a rule, he punishes her. If she breaks it again, he ups the severity of the punishment. He can continue to do this or release her if he loses interest in the game, but a master never uses release as punishment (e.g. releasing her temporarily to punish her and then re-collaring her when he thinks she’s learned her lesson). Once released, she’s gone and the master finds a slave more suited to his needs.

A master doesn’t change the rules to suit his slave’s desires unless those desires coincide with his needs. There is no compromise and he doesn’t view his slave as an equal party in their relationship, regardless of marriage, children, religion, or any other factor that might enter into the relationship. He knows and understands that a slave wants, craves, needs to serve and be pleasing. And he makes her do so, regardless of her inhibitions or mood.

A master isn’t always kind. He isn’t always loving. Sometimes he doesn’t love his slave at all. He is there when his slave needs him, but he also knows when she really needs him and when it’s okay to leave her to her emotions. He learns over a period of time to read his slave like a book and knows how to dance her through the throes of being what he wants her to be: passionate, devoted, loyal, submissive, horny.

Above all, a master is not afraid to take a firm hand with his slave. He is not afraid to force her to submit to his will. And if she walks away because he forces her to be what she is, then he understands that she was never what she claimed to begin with and he lets her go. There may be some emotional pain involved, but in the long run it’s better for him to find a girl that fits him.

A 24/7 Master/slave relationship cannot survive without the parties involved remaining in their roles as they should. A master must be a master and a slave must be a slave and the lines cannot be blurred. A master backing down sends the message to a slave that she is correct in her way of thinking or behaving and the master is wrong. A slave trying to take the reins sends the message that she isn’t a slave at all. Take a firm hand or submit fully to his will whichever your new role in life calls for. It’s the only way to acheive your desired goals.

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