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Assume… Ass outta what?

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I decided to write my blog at work today. It’s a fairly slow day and I’m bored. But with J, A and S up my ass, it’s becoming increasingly impossible. I’ll make do, I guess.

I promised to make sure I got my tasks done and if, for whatever reason, I felt like I couldn’t get them finished, I’d make sure to ask permission to skip them. This works out great since Master is usually understanding. Just this past Tuesday He let me make up my writing on Wednesday. And the, since I have a serious amount of research to do (the novella I’m working on takes place in Los Angeles and I’ve never been off the east coast) He was nice enough to allow my research to count as writing. Speaking of Los Angeles, if we have any readers from around there or who have visited there at length who would be willing to share information about the area I’d be eternally grateful. Especially La Brea Tar Pits.

Something I’ve learned over the past week is that I really need to be more outspoken. I hear ya! “You? More outspoken?? Doesn’t that get you in enough trouble??!?” But I don’t mean with regard to standing up for myself or expressing my opinion. I mean with regard to things I should be asking for/about and don’t. Read more…

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