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Babbling Brook?

July 3rd, 2008

So I figured I’d better write a blog today since Master so graciously allowed me to skip it on Tuesday. I’m in trouble again, though, because I completely forgot my tasks yesterday. I wonder if I’ll catch a break because of what was going on. Is it bad that I’m thinking that way?

Master decided we were going to start dieting July 1st. Well, not dieting, perse, so much as watching what we eat. I’m not sure whether to consider what we ate yesterday part of the diet or not. And on July 1st, we were both so tired that as we were taking dinner out of the freezer Master decided to ordered a pizza. The time and energy it takes to make healthy food is ridiculous. Although I suppose we could have ordered salads. But Master wanted pizza!

Did you know that we have this strange machine called a refrigerator? And in this strange machine you can store things called… leftovers! And they’re pretty good! Sometimes better the second time around (like homemade spaghetti sauce)! And if you actually eat these leftover things instead of leaving them in that refrigerator thing until they grow hair you can save money on food! It’s a bizarre concept! One we’ve just grasped.

So between attempting to only cook for two, instead of an army, and saving the sparse leftovers we’re hoping to save a bit of money. Chump change, really, but enough to make me happy. And we’re both taking on some projects for money.

Because of an increase in our bills without an increase in either of our pay we’re having to pinch pennies like mad and take on extra work. I have a couple ideas of what I’m going to do to help us get some extra cash. Some things that you guys could help with if you were interested. But more on that when I have more time to get my ideas in order.

I need to get cracking writing. I found a website that pays… a lot of money for fiction if they decide to accept it. I haven’t finished researching them, but we’ll see. When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. I’m hoping that’s not the case with this site.

In any case… I’ll stop babbling about money trouble and obesity. The realities of BDSM right here, folks! Have a great day!

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