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Last Night

June 24th, 2008

Last night threw me for a loop. Master made me sit next to Him on the floor and lick His legs and feet, which isn’t altogether unusual just hasn’t been happening much lately. The unusual part was when He made me play with my tits and cunt while I was doing it. He said He didn’t care if I got myself off and He didn’t care how many times. That I had just better sit there being the whore I’m supposed to be while He finished working.

Now, I’m no prude. Not by a long shot. But I was shocked and appalled at this behavior!

Okay not really. I was, however, surprised at the cumming part. The last time He made me play with myself for Him it was probably 20 minutes of fucking myself with a dildo and rubbing away at my little clit with no allowance for orgasm. That came later (pun optional).

So there I sat, hungrily sucking and licking at His flesh, savoring the flavor of His skin, enjoying the tickle of His hair on my tongue, firing off a couple orgasms at my own hand. Aside from the positional difficulty that caused me to occasionally jam my fingernails into my super-sensitive button, which, if I’m to be honest, I loved as well, it was awesome. Just the right amount of humiliation and sex appeal to send me flying for days. But we weren’t finished yet.

Licking His legs always leads to a blow job. It’s just the most logical course of action. My mouth’s already primed and ready and at cock level; I’m positioned between His legs already; My oral fixation is already in high gear. So I started sucking. And it wasn’t long before He pulled back and said “I think I want your mouth on my back for a little while before I give you my cum. Is that a problem, cunt?”

We made our way to the bedroom and He stretched out on the bed. I began working my tongue over His back, ass and legs and when I got to His first leg He said, “Start playing with your pussy again. Get yourself off while you’re licking me.” And as I worked over His legs and up to His ass again I diddled for all I was worth.

“That’s it. Just lick my ass and cum.”

So, I did. Up and down the crack, Along His balls. The insides of His thighs. And then I came. Hard. And I collapsed in a pile of slave goo for a moment trying desperately to keep my tongue moving even though my body screamed “Break!”

He turned to His back and told me to get to work on His cock and balls. For a while I sucked and rubbed and touched and tasted. I licked and kissed His stomach and legs with His dick in my hand. Until He ordered me to sit on His cock and ride Him.

Once perched and impaled, His hands found my tits. He mashed and pinched and clawed. I watched His fingertips disappear into my flesh only to resurface again blood free. He slapped me three times across the face and then went back to my tits. I think He might have clawed my back and thighs a bit too. I get so caught up in what’s going on between our thighs that sometimes I lose the details of what else happens.

When He came it was hard and long and devastatingly delicious. And then He sent me on my merry way to get Him a washcloth. No more cumming for me! I’m still horny. 🙁 I guess one of these days I’ll stop saying I’m going to have the courage to always ask when I want permission to cum and actually gain the courage.

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