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Discussion Questions

June 19th, 2008

I just have a couple discussion questions for you. Not because I don’t know what the answer is in the world of Master and Rayne, but because I’m wondering what all of you think. So here goes nothing:

I said a few days ago that I haven’t found the switch to put me in the same mood as Master yet. Not that it matters or that I think it should. If He wants to beat me He should beat me. No matter what my mood.

But I’m wondering, should there be a switch? Do you think a slave should be capable of just changing her mood to match her owner’s regardless of what’s going on? And how, exactly, does one go about achieving that?

And semi-related, let’s say a master believes one thing and his slave believes another.

We’ll say the master believes that the earth is round and the slave believes that it’s flat. We’ll pretend there’s no obvious proof that the earth is either thing. There’s no way to find out if it is either thing. And there’s no specific reason for the slave to change her way of thinking other than the fact that her owner believes the earth is round.

Should she trust her owner’s judgment implicitly and fully believe that he is correct? And what if she is aware of some dire consequence believing this will cause that her owner doesn’t know about? If her opinion differs from his in anything should she change her way of thinking simply because her owner doesn’t agree? And why do you feel the way you do about this subject?

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