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No Fear

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At 8:30 in the morning it was already 80 degrees out. Gonna be another scorcher. Thank goddess Master put the air conditioners in this weekend. Hopefully we’ll have the money this year to buy the third one we can do without but would really like to have in the bedroom for hot nights. An Energy Star, of course.

Master gave me permission to sit in the front room so I gathered all the fixings for a comfortable morning on the couch. With blogging and writing to do, that makes sense, right? Except I’ve got dishes and laundry to do as well… Ah well. One way or another it’ll all get done. It always does.

Kaya posed a question to the masses about fearing one’s owner. The quote she offered up was:

“Being afraid of your master is not a good thing. Ever.”

Without context, it’s not always easy to make these types of judgment calls. Even for myself. I’m not sure where she pulled it from. I’m not even entirely sure how I feel about it. This might be a rambly, disjointed post. Just a warning.

I guess it really depends on what kind of fear we’re talking about.  Which means I guess I don’t agree with that statement. Not entirely.

Some say it’s good for a slave to fear her owner. They say it promotes obedience and respect. I say respect formed out of fear isn’t respect at all. No matter which way you slice it; respect born of fear is simply surrendering to the will of a tyrant. Read more…

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