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Stay-At-Home Slave

June 5th, 2008

Sometime in the very near future (a couple months at most) I’ll be a stay-at-home slave. I can already see the sneers. Hear the comments.

“Sure! I’ll be a stay at home slave! And while you’re at it, could you build me a jacuzzi, Master? And those dishes need doing so you should hire me a maid. Oh and would you mind doing them in the meantime? And some iced tea would be nice.”

Uh… no? It’s not like that at all. As a matter of fact, I got in a lot of trouble the last time I was a stay-at-home slave if the house wasn’t mostly spotless when Master got home. But the point is more that I’ll have less public interaction which will force me to concentrate on my slavery more.

Master keeps asking what I’m going to think about it. If I’m going to like it.

Not that it matters. It’s happening regardless. I think I will, though. The things I need to be worried about will have been decreased to a minimum and that will make it so much easier for me not to fly off the handle every time I trip over His sneakers. Or find a Vitamin Water bottle sitting on the counter over the garbage can. Or think a talking to is unfair. Not that I do those things… much.

And I want to say “I did it before!” but the truth is, I didn’t. We’ve changed so much. From who we are to how we do things. I expect being a stay-at-home slave to be much different this time. Especially since it shouldn’t be too much longer before Master has His business up and running and is working out of our home.

I’m most excited about actually having the time to put little touches on the things I do. To start enjoying cooking again instead of doing it because I have to. Baking! Goddess I miss baking. To start writing again (which I’m under orders to do and never have time)! Making candles and incense (which Master would like me to do but I’m always too tired)! Maybe learn how to paint like I’ve always wanted to.

I can’t wait. And at the same time I’m nervous. What if I fuck up royally?

I can hear Master now. “I’ll beat you. Then you’ll do it again… correctly.”

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