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Americans Suck Ass.

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Including me, for not standing up myself.

This was too big for me to not talk about here.

This country and its citizens make me sick. If we had the resources, I’d be well on my way to trying to convince Master to move us somewhere else and become citizens of some other country.

Somewhere they invade your privacy and are honest about it instead of hiding it behind the guise of protecting you. Somewhere the citizens still care about their rights and refuse to allow their government to lead them to Hell in a hand basket under the guise of vengeance. Somewhere you can survive on minimum wage (albeit barely) as you’re supposed to be able to instead of steadily digging deeper holes for yourself. Somewhere people aren’t having to starve their children to put gas in their vehicle so they can go to work to put more gas in their vehicle (It was on the news the other day that many Americans are going sometimes days without meals and occasionally having to starve their children to make ends meet because of increasing gas and food prices.). Somewhere the citizens don’t kill the few people willing to protect their rights over $8.00.

In other news, we’re taking multiple steps (including filing a complaint with the labor board) to get me out of the horrifying circus that has become my work place.

We have a resident who is regularly assaulting all of the staff members (including a woman who is now on maternity leave but was pregnant at the time of the assault) except the resident care coordinator, the PCA trainer and the administrator (because they spend all their time either outside smoking while the residents’ emergency alarms are going off for ten-twenty minutes or locked in the office so no one can bother them). Their response to my outrage at being assaulted was to attempt to refuse to allow me to fill out an incident report (I stared at them ignoring their laundry list of reasons I shouldn’t fill one out and refusing to leave the office until they gave me one), then try to dissuade me with the amount of paperwork I’d be filling out (I told them I’d take the hand cramp, thank you very much) and finally to tell me that if I couldn’t handle being assaulted by residents I needed to find another job. I’m pretty sure the incident report was thrown out the second I left the office. I should have made a copy.

It’s not like I expect them to throw the crazy old coot in jail and throw away the key. I’m not looking for them to put her over their collective knee and give her a good what-for. But every other resident who has caused these sorts of problems has been asked to leave.

One man, whose only crime was being attacked by another resident who was thrown out of his previous home for assaulting a staff member – I’m still not really sure what our administrator was thinking when she took him in – was dropped off on DSS’s doorstep and left to his own devices. But because this woman is private pay and they can sap her of more rent than the others they won’t even attempt to find another bed for her somewhere else. Somewhere more suited for her. Until she starts beating on the administrator. Then it’ll be an outrage and they’ll be finding the woman a new home.

Their excuse is that she has the mentality of a seven year old. I have two seven year olds. They know better than to hit people.

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