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Yes, I realize there’s no Thursday blog. There’s also no Saturday blog. I’ll give you three guesses where we were. The first two don’t count.

And it was awesome. I’d forgotten just how much I love camping. Okay, that’s not entirely true. But I think I’d blocked it out so I wouldn’t be so disappointed when we didn’t have the time or money to go.

Where we go is a first come, first serve nature preserve in the Adirondacks on DEC land. There are no showers, no toilets, and most definitely no cell or web service (unless you drive most of the way out or climb to the top of a mountain). It’s breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly relaxing… even with all the work it took to get everything together. We had a smashing time.

Master took lots of pictures and I’m hoping to get Him to allow me to post some to the site despite His insistence that most of them suck. None of the kink variety. We decided to do things right this time. In other words, while we bought some wood, we foraged for most of it (and still managed to leave a small pile for the people who camp there next) and split it ourselves (sort of) and by night fall we were exhausted. During the day the area is entirely too full of people (of the small variety especially) to attempt anything more than a quick slap or pinch here and there. Especially considering we returned once to a woman taking her children “hiking” in our campsite.

Years ago, after learning of Master’s love for waterfalls, I took Him to the top of the biggest one in this preserve. It was covered with ice but still spilling over and He took a few pictures there. He also stepped through the ice (the rock wasn’t visible) and scared the bejesus out of me. I thought for sure He was going over. Then I freaked out getting Him back to the car because I was afraid He’d get hypothermia or frostbite or something. We managed to find the falls again with His brother and sister-in-law (and got lost in the dark) but we were crunched for time and couldn’t go down to the bottom for Him to get the full effect.  Read more…

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