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Life’s Easier when…

May 21st, 2008

Things are a little crazy around here. We’re in the process of getting the camping trip put together and both freaking out because the place we’re going is a first come first serve nature preserve and only currently has five accessible sites. The DEC apparently didn’t think it was important to repair the road to the rest of the sites even though they, themselves, say Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest camping weekends of the year.

Soooo… we’re working out how to get me out of work by six tomorrow night so we can make the two hour drive, pitch tents, and get back home with enough time for me to sleep till five and go back to work till two. And praying there’s a site open. If we get one, we’ll most definitely just be relaxing the first night.

So my mind is on that. So I’ll leave you with a thought… sort of.

A while back we were in one of those big box stores and checking out. The kids there are becoming increasingly friendly while checking people out. It’s bizarre. And this one said to me, “Life’s so much easier when you just go with it.”

He was being a smart ass about the rest of the conversation (which was about women getting their hands on their men’s wallets)(because Master always makes me carry His wallet with the excuse that it makes His pants fall down – but really it’s just because for as long as we’ve been together I’ve been a pack horse of sorts… even before I was His property!) but that one comment really stuck with me. There’s so much truth in it.

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