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Job and Kids vs. Enslavement

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I think I’ve talked about this before. I’m not very good at articulating what I’m thinking in a way that makes people say, “Oh! You’re right!” when it comes to this subject. But it’s a touchy subject. For everyone. Because there aren’t many adults in this world surviving without kids or a job.

I hear it all the time. From seasoned dom/mes and slaves and newbies alike. You can’t truly be enslaved if you have a job or kids. And really, as much as I love the people saying it (well… some of them!), it’s utter horse shit. The trick is in the method applied.

I’ve heard all the arguments. The dom/me can’t control the job therefore he/she can’t control the slave while she’s at the job. When the slave goes to work she’s no longer operating under her owner’s jurisdiction. There are times that the slave will have to go directly against her owner’s orders/rules in order to keep the job so the owner can’t possibly be in total control. There’s no TPE here.

I don’t really get the kids thing. Maybe that’s because when the kids are here, I’m in charge of making sure they’re fed, bathed, well-behaved and clean up after themselves. The only thing Master really does is make sure J’s insulin and such is taken care of the way it’s supposed to be. And that’s only because J’s mostly self-sufficient now so it’s almost pointless to teach me anything but how to handle his emergency pen (and what’s too low or too high, naturally, but J knows all that himself). And I’m required to continue to behave just as I would if they weren’t here, minus being naked all the time (obviously). Actually, I’m required to behave better than I would if they weren’t here.

I’m not slave to my job when I’m at work (though they seem to think I am). Master still retains total control. Everyone at work knows that if they want me to do something that I don’t usually do (stay an extra hour, come in on my day off, etc.) the answer will be, “I have to talk to my husband. I’ll let you know.” They also know that if my husband ever says, “Quit.” I’ll be out the door lickety-split. They know that everything regarding my life depends on Him. I don’t know if they all know why. I don’t really care if they all know why. Maybe they think we’re truly a partnership-marriage. Maybe they think He’s an over-bearing ass hole. Maybe they think I’m just such an airhead that I can’t make decisions on my own. I think I’ve managed to convince most of them, in the spirit of keeping our personal life personal, that it’s because I’m a work-a-holic and if I don’t let Him control when I work I’ll work till I drop. It’s almost true! Was true? Before they completely fucked me over.  Read more…

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