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May 5th, 2008

So I’m behind on my blogs. Thursday we were just so busy it completely slipped my mind. Saturday, Master gave me permission to skip it and do it when I had time. And now that I have time and I’m sitting here staring at the empty page, I have nothing to talk about.

I started a real entry but somewhere along the line it lost its spark. I considered an excerpt from my journal but… I don’t have any recent ones that are interesting enough (or impersonal enough) to post on here. So in the meantime, I thought a little window into my mind would be good. Think Master will count it? Yeah, me neither. I’ll get working on the one that fizzled.

Stolen from various people I watch. It looked like fun – and it was! – but it took for-e-ver! I kept getting sidetracked and going through people’s galleries. You’ve probably seen it a hundred times and know the rules. Basically, you’re supposed to answer the “questions” and then use the answer in the search engine on deviantART. Finally, you put the thumb in your journal. Though… it’s possible you have to be subscribed for thumbs. I don’t remember.

1. the age you will be on your next birthday:

2. a place you’d like to travel:

3. your favorite place:
Ascension Stone

There were really no deviations I liked for this but I decided to use this one. Ascension Stone is at the William Miller Chapel. Master keeps talking about going back this summer (It’s probably been 2-3 years since we’ve been up there.). When we do, I’ll update this with one of His pictures of the place.

4. your favorite object:
My Collar (no, this isn’t it)

5. favorite food:
Indian Food

6. your favorite animal:

7. your favorite color:

8. the town|state|etc in which you live:
Schenectady, NY

9. name of past pet:

Zeus was a brindle bull mastiff/pit mix. Best damn dog I ever owned.

10. a dream come true:

11. your nickname|screenname:

I was avoiding Master’s stuff but with this one I couldn’t resist.

12. middle name:

13. favorite smell:
Just before the rain

14. bad habit of yours:
Chewing the sides of my fingers

15. your first job:
File clerk

16. favorite movie:
Girl Interrupted

17. what are you doing right now?
Watching Full House

18. whats the weather like?
Spring’s roller coaster

19. favorite sport?

20. favorite music|style|band?

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