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Sorting Things Out

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I won’t be working much longer, a fact that I am ecstatic about. We’ve figured out a way for me to not have to work after the next couple of months without me having to go back on medication and disability. And the job is becoming entirely too much for me. Fiftyish hours a week makes it increasingly more difficult for me to function on a day to day basis as a slave. I leave before Master gets up and by the time I get home from a thirteen hour stint, I’m too tired to keep my eyes open for more than a couple hours, let alone gracefully accept a beating or happily make dinner… after making breakfast, lunch and dinner for forty people. It’s really sort of sad. I used to love cooking.

And they’re making it worse. They’re already bitching about the amount of overtime T and I are raking in but they’ve just caused us a shit load more work. So when I’m there till 7:30-8:00 every night and the main office starts asking why I’ll just smile and direct them to N and C.

In any case, the job going away is probably the best thing that could happen to us. I’ll finally be able to concentrate fully on the things I should be concentrating on.

Last Sunday and Monday were probably the clinchers even though the only part work played in that was me being extremely overtired. My emotional breakdown was entirely too much for me to handle and more than Master had time to deal with. But He pushed everything on His plate aside and stepped up to walk me through it without giving me the slightest impression that I was inconveniencing Him. And when it still wasn’t resolved (because I didn’t completely lay everything on the table) and I started to fall apart again this past Sunday, He stepped up again and took me down another path.  Read more…

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