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Helpful Hints for New Masters

April 20th, 2008 Comments off

Occasionally I do browse around some of the BDSM sites out there, when I actually have time to dedicate to it. I’m constantly amazed at the level (or lack, thereof) of intelligence that is rampant on some of the larger forums. It simply boggles my mind. I thought I’d be a Nice Guy{tm} and post some helpful hints for new Masters, or those that may not be specifically new.

If your goal is to find, collar and keep a slave, here are some helpful suggestions to do that:

1) When typing into a forum post (or IM window, etc), attempt to spell at least 70% of the words you use correctly. This means, also, do not use “text message shorthand” when trolling for slave meat. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I read something such as “r u lkng 4 a xpriencd Mstr?”, I have a good chuckle. Regardless of your opinion of women, none of them want to become the “slave owned by the Moron” (with a capital M, of course). I’m not perfect in my spelling, either, but I do make an attempt. Why? Because words are how we communicate, and if it takes someone a half hour to decipher your jumble of words, it’s just not worth it.

2) Make some attempt at being grammatically correct. This means, also, to use punctuation where it’s supposed to be used and capitalize proper nouns, the beginning of sentences, etc… I’m amazed at the lack of self control most “Masters” exhibit when they are putting forth public communication. I’m not really speaking of hot IM sex (errr), but when you’re posting on a public forum why wouldn’t you want to put your “best foot forward”? Is it your intention that everyone assume you have an IQ lower than a common hamster? By all means, if that’s your goal, continue making no attempt to show the world (and possible slaves) that you have a brain. Once again, why would a slave give someone that’s an idiot 100% control over their lives? It just doesn’t make sense. Read more…