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What’re you wearing?

April 18th, 2008

I don’t know how much I’ve told you about Master’s obsession with embarrassing the shit out of me. The method changes but the intent is always the same. And one of His favorite games to play is to put me on Skype with some nasty profile and just wait for people to call. When they call, I’m to make it clear that the call is just for “phone sex”. Because, even though it’s always in my profile, it’s never clear enough until I say it. Silly, horny men from overseas.

There are a few rules surrounding the calls. No text conversation, only mic. Though we have a cam, no camming. No second calls without express permission (and He’s yet to give that). No one we know in real life. And I have to get off with every single one. We haven’t done it in a while. We were going to Wednesday but it wasn’t working out so well. People either just wanted to cam or would call and type that they had no mic not realizing that I could hear them typing.

The main reason I prefer mic over text (though it wasn’t my decision, it was Master’s) is because you can change your profile on Skype on a minute by minute basis depending on what kind of calls you’d like to receive. Right down to your birthday. The text messages could come from someone of any age pretending to be old enough to do these things and well… Dateline! Hello! * grin *

Master’s reason, however, is much more sordid. The combination of me fucking myself for some other man and how embarrassed I get and how even on days when I swear I’m not interested I still cum like a porn star and then I’m even more embarrassed just rocks His socks. So much so that He actually considered having me start a job as a phone sex operator. I’m almost positive that option isn’t off the table.

This one time was really bizarre. The guy asked what I was wearing and I decided to be honest.

“Nothing. Well, except a collar and chains.”

He was surprised but not overly so. And, it turned out, He was a switch affiliated with a rather popular fetish club in England. Have I mentioned how much I love British accents? No, seriously. Like, just the accent in and of itself is enough to make me wet myself. And it’s only British accents that do it. Yes, I know I’m weird.

I went on to explain that Master was sitting behind me watching me talk to people on Skype and fuck myself with a dildo while I had phone sex with random strangers. He absolutely loved that idea and couldn’t stop trying to include Master in it in some way.

“How does He like you to do it?” and “Is He enjoying this?” and “What does He want you to do next?” and “I bet He loves having such a dirty little slut at His disposal.”

I loved that. It was so hot having another guy know exactly what I was and call me on it. I wonder if he thought it was real or just a roleplay.

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