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Almost Picture Day

April 15th, 2008

So let’s see…

Master seems to have found a cure for the strain of rectal-cranial inversion I tend to get from time to time. I still say
He’s the one who was backwards yesterday (I’m kidding!!!) but He doesn’t agree.

Yesterday after Master left for work I started cleaning. I mean, high-grade cleaning. I did dishes (Duh?). I cleaned out cabinets. I threw away about a cup of old laundry soap I’m not sure why I kept and about a teaspoon of shampoo I was saving “just in case” (like a teaspoon would ever wash the mop I sport) and hairspray Master never uses anymore and bubble bath that I’ve been saving for a “time alone day” that I haven’t asked for in five years. I dusted and cleaned off my desk. The entire thing. Top to bottom. I never do that. I even put away knick-knacks I’ve been saying I’m going to throw out for ages but have held onto because I made them when I was detoxing. It’s well beyond time to move on. I’ve decided, however, that since they don’t
look like a project someone did while detoxing, I’m going to donate them to the mansion for bingo prizes. Unless someone wants to buy them. Maybe I’ll put pictures up.

My head was firmly implanted in cleaning mode and when I get into that head space there’s not much room for anything else. If my mind’s not on the task at hand, it’s looking ahead to the next thing I’d like to get done while I have time. There’s no room for thoughts of financial affairs, recreational plans, or even sex and I actually get rather annoyed when someone tries to distract me. And Master’s head was firmly implanted in sex.

Now, had I been whining about how much I wanted to get fucked or how I’d like to get this, that and the other thing done or something equally unrelated to cleaning, He’d have had a million things related to cleaning He wanted me to do (See??!? Backwards!). But that’s neither here nor there.

So He was rambling on about things He’d like to do to me and things He’d like to see me do and I… was talking about what I just cleaned and what I was going to clean next.


“You’re not really interested, are you?”

“I’m sort of busy.”

“Your head’s not in the right place.”

What??!? Are you serious??!? I’m busting my ass for you (Just pretend it was entirely for Him, okay? Sheesh!) but my head’s not in the right place?

But He was right (as usual). My head wasn’t in the right place. Because, while it’s all well and good that I wanted to be cleaning, the fact of the matter is that’s not where
He wanted my thoughts to be. He wanted me thinking about that thick, rock hard cock slamming in and out of my wet, slutty hole while He hurt me and told me what a disgusting whore I am.

As I mentioned earlier He found the cure. He threatened more than once to do picture day if I didn’t get where He wanted me quick, fast and in a hurry. His first attempt, however, at putting my head where He wanted it worked like a charm. At least at first.

While He was at lunch I was to shower, shave and plug my ass. The idea only shoved my head further into wanting to clean as I convinced myself I wasn’t in the mood for this stuff today but the second the enema tube entered my ass (I always give myself an enema before plugging my ass… I’m not currently under orders for regular enemas but I’m considering doing it anyway.) any resistance I had left went out the window. Suddenly I wanted that plug in my ass and I wanted it now, thank you very much. Until I didn’t anymore.

It was about 12:15pm when I put it in. He finally allowed me to take it out around 6:30pm. After He’d fucked me silly enjoying each whimper and moan of pain mixed with pleasure.

Before He got home, though, He made me slide two fingers in my pussy and tell Him how hot and wet it was. Then He made me suck them clean. He began again to talk about what He’d like to be doing to me and this time I was more interested and more involved. After a couple of hours, He again made me stick two fingers inside and asked if I wanted to lick them clean. He made me tell Him how I taste (Is there anyone who doesn’t believe their own pussy tastes like the best meal in the world?) and kept asking how my ass was feeling.

I still wasn’t quite where He wanted me. Five hours of my ass plugged meant that when He got home all I wanted was to take the damn plug out. All He wanted was to watch me squirm and suffer. And I got temperamental. I thought I was hiding it well until He followed me from the office to the bedroom and grabbed me by the hair.

His whispered growls directly in my ear as His still stiff cock pressed against the plug in my ass made it abundantly clear that I’d better get where He wanted me soon or I was going to have a lot more to worry about than the little purple plug stretching my ass hole. He guaranteed me that if I didn’t straighten up quick I’d be trading up for the big black plug with the horsehair tail. That snapped me out of whatever mood I was steadily spiraling into. And though I pouted a little when He told me to sit on the floor and lick, kiss and suck His legs, I made damn sure not to make a sour face or whine.

“And for the record, I know it hurts. I want it to hurt.”

I squirmed a bit trying to find a comfortable position as I alternately sucked Him off and licked His balls. Apparently He finally tired of the squirming because He ordered me to sit directly on the plug and stop moving. I remember whimpering a lot and trying not to wiggle.

Eventually He sent me to the bedroom and shoved me onto my back. The sheer pain of the plug resettling when I got up and then again when He slammed His cock into my cunt was enough to bring tears to my eyes (which is bizarre cause even the big plug never makes me cry).

The sex was phenomenal and, true to His word, He made me ask to cum. He says that from now on if I don’t ask I don’t get to. Period. And that if there are times I want to just cause I want to and not necessarily because He’s just fucked the hell out of me or teased and tormented me I’m to ask then too. And He told me to stop being a silly bitch and letting His “no” answers feel like rejection. They simply mean He’s not in the mood to let His fuck toy get off at that moment. Something else I should be working on? Survey says: Yes.

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