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Almost Picture Day

April 15th, 2008 No comments

So let’s see…

Master seems to have found a cure for the strain of rectal-cranial inversion I tend to get from time to time. I still say
He’s the one who was backwards yesterday (I’m kidding!!!) but He doesn’t agree.

Yesterday after Master left for work I started cleaning. I mean, high-grade cleaning. I did dishes (Duh?). I cleaned out cabinets. I threw away about a cup of old laundry soap I’m not sure why I kept and about a teaspoon of shampoo I was saving “just in case” (like a teaspoon would ever wash the mop I sport) and hairspray Master never uses anymore and bubble bath that I’ve been saving for a “time alone day” that I haven’t asked for in five years. I dusted and cleaned off my desk. The entire thing. Top to bottom. I never do that. I even put away knick-knacks I’ve been saying I’m going to throw out for ages but have held onto because I made them when I was detoxing. It’s well beyond time to move on. I’ve decided, however, that since they don’t
look like a project someone did while detoxing, I’m going to donate them to the mansion for bingo prizes. Unless someone wants to buy them. Maybe I’ll put pictures up.

My head was firmly implanted in cleaning mode and when I get into that head space there’s not much room for anything else. If my mind’s not on the task at hand, it’s looking ahead to the next thing I’d like to get done while I have time. There’s no room for thoughts of financial affairs, recreational plans, or even sex and I actually get rather annoyed when someone tries to distract me. And Master’s head was firmly implanted in sex.

Now, had I been whining about how much I wanted to get fucked or how I’d like to get this, that and the other thing done or something equally unrelated to cleaning, He’d have had a million things related to cleaning He wanted me to do (See??!? Backwards!). But that’s neither here nor there.

So He was rambling on about things He’d like to do to me and things He’d like to see me do and I… was talking about what I just cleaned and what I was going to clean next.

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Satan’s Bride Does Physicals

April 15th, 2008 No comments

Have I mentioned how much I hate doctors? Well, I hate nurse practitioners more. And if you’re a doctor or a nurse practitioner, no I do not really hate you. I just hate visiting you in your office! 😛

The nurse practitioner I saw today was no exception. I get so sick of hearing the same thing over and over. Why, oh why couldn’t the lady I had last year, who just asked her questions and let me go on about my business, have stayed and done my physical instead disappearing to where ever it is nurses go when they’re not in the office just as I got there? I was respectful and polite last time she saw me. And that was over a year ago! She couldn’t possibly remember me… right?

ANYway… the lady I had today was ridiculous in her preaching. I work in the medical field. And it’s me with the issues! I’m sure I know what can happen. She went on and on about how I should be in therapy and on medication and attending NA meetings and blah blah blah fucking blah. I kept saying, “I’ve been clean for six years and I did it on my own with only my husband as a counselor (whereas when I got out of rehab I got right back on drugs). I’ve also not had a reason to visit a therapist or psychiatrist in six years. So while I appreciate your concern, I’m not sure these visits are necessary. Especially when I can’t currently afford health insurance.” I explained that when I was on the dosage of meds that evened me out I could not function and that I wasn’t interested in trading functionality for feeling “normal”. I even told her that at my last psych eval and drug screening the therapist said I had no need for meds or therapy. That I was doing it all pretty well on my own.

And she kept blathering on about how people who are lower class like me often engaged in promiscuity and drugs to drown their sorrows. “I don’t mean to stereotype…” So I told her that if one excludes the child support payments my husband and I are technically middle class. Even that didn’t shut her up.

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Doctors and Bank Inspectors

April 15th, 2008 No comments

I have an appointment for a physical this morning. I was supposed to get it to avoid being fired two months ago. Good thing my boss hasn’t gotten hers either. She’s going on three months.

After that a bank inspector is coming to look at the house. Did I mention the building our apartment is in is being sold? Well… it sold. So far. The landlord says it’s still hers because she hasn’t gotten any money. Finally I get to stop walking people through my house at all hours of the day. I hope. The downside is we’re probably going to have to move. 

In any case, hoping to have a real blog up after all the hullabaloo dies down. You guys almost got new pictures! Ones that would have really sucked for me! I’ll tell you about it later.

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