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Public Misbehavior

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Master said to do this “later” yesterday and “later” never came. Soooo I figured I’d work on it today. Course, I don’t really know what I’m going to write about, but here goes nothing.

Yesterday Master told me a story about a master and slave going to a munch. The slave was wearing wrist and ankle cuffs and, because the munch was in a public place, the cuffs were causing some issues. Now, I don’t entirely understand why they were causing issues. I’ll never understand why to so many people, it’s okay for a goth to walk around wearing a collar, a leash and wrist cuffs but when someone of a BDSM persuasion does it it becomes public display of kink. The people viewing it don’t know the difference, usually, unless they’re involved in some form of kink themselves. But none of this is the point.

The man told his slave to take the cuffs off. Her response? She said no and stomped off in a huff. From what I understand, he did nothing.

Okay so they’re in a public place. He can’t exactly snatch her up and beat her in front of everyone. And that’s fine. And maybe the person observing just didn’t see him speak to/punish her. Maybe it happened later when they weren’t around. But how exactly does one handle situations such as these in public?

When I think about public punishment the things that come to mind are things my parents did when I was a child. If we were all together, one parent would take the misbehaving child out to the car. Usually my father because he hated shopping anyway. And sitting in the car with dad while mom and sis were in the store was no picnic. Trust me.

If there was only one parent present, we’d be made to walk through the store with one hand semi-permanently attached to the cart and we weren’t allowed to speak unless it was an absolute emergency. And usually mom would buy the good child something special and refuse to get the bad child anything. A favorite mantra of theirs was “”with privilege comes responsibility” and their idea of “responsibility” was good behavior (among other things).

We were often made to stand still in one spot until we were allowed to move again. Occasionally, depending on where we were, we were made to stand with our nose against a wall. We were made to sit and watch the other kids play, turn down treats offered by other parents. Sometimes we were made to do homework though we were supposed to be somewhere having fun. But it’s socially acceptable to punish a child in public. Not so much an adult. How many of these things would serve as effective punishment without drawing attention to the way the couple lives their life in the privacy of their home?

Most of them, actually. With the exception of standing with her nose against a wall. People might find it strange that a woman was walking quietly along with her hand on the cart her man was pushing, or standing in the center of a room and not moving, but they’d think nothing of it, more likely than not.

Master usually speaks to me quietly, warning me once. Anything after that can almost guarantee some form of harsh punishment when we get home.

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