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Adult Stuff

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So Tuesday night I… well, I guess I was being a bitch. Based on Master’s opinion I was definitely being a bitch. I can never tell until He tells me so. Okay that’s not entirely true. I choose to ignore it until He tells me so.

Everything out of my mouth was either incredibly snide or aimed at Him. We were talking about this website on which you can get paid to write “How to” type articles and He said “Adult stuff isn’t allowed, though.”

I popped back with, “That’s okay. I haven’t been writing much adult stuff lately, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Why not?”

“Because not much adult stuff happens to me anymore.”

I cut His hair and got ready for bed trying desperately to curb the attitude. I was tired and grumpy and I’d had the shittiest day at work. Of course, every day I swear the last was the shittiest day at work. Really time for a new job.

As I laid on my side on the bed reading and waiting for Him to come in, He slipped in behind me and picked the cane up out of the trunk. I looked at Him then went back to reading my book.

With the tip of the cane, He nudged me onto my stomach and began this “Tap, tap, tap.” rhythm on my ass moving from one cheek to the next. Not so hard that I was clawing at the bed and screaming, but enough to make me wish I’d kept my big mouth shut.
“How’s this for adult stuff? If a man wants to beat you with a cane just cause what should happen?”

I whimpered and said, “I should be beaten.”

Every once in a while He’d intentionally land a particularly hard blow. Usually if I didn’t answer Him fast enough or the correct way. Nodding or saying “Okay.” is no longer acceptable and He’s been pretty strict on that lately.

After a while of the cane, He switched to the flogger. And when He was done, He put them both away.

He was naked and as He walked away, I watched His hard cock bob up and down. I turned back to my side and went back to reading my book. He came around the bed and plopped His cock and balls on the top of my head and I started licking the head of His dick. I twisted around so I could get my face between His legs and began sucking and licking at His balls. Ball-licking is one of my favorite pass-times. Especially when He’s fresh out of the shower (as He was then). His skin is so soft and tastes so sweet. It’s like a great big lollipop just for me!

Tired from a long day at work, He told me to move (I was laying across the bed) so He could lay down and I finished sucking Him off that way. He punched and slapped and clawed me and I squirmed and whimpered. He would caress the spots He’d hurt and then snatch up a good sized chunk of flesh and hurt them some more.

Adult stuff happened to me. It was yummy.

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