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April 9th, 2008

We went hiking! Up in Thacher Park. For oh so very long. After a short picnic next to a stream and a small waterfall (We always seem to find the best places to eat and sleep!). Some creepy guy walked up and went for a walk by himself in the woods. Staring at me like I was doing something wrong the entire time.

I was. But He didn’t know that!

Master walked up to me with a broken dog leash in His hand and said “They want me to keep you on a leash.” I grinned and promptly finagled the leash onto my collar after realizing the clip wouldn’t hook around it. He laughed and walked away. Sooo I took it off.

There were no more shenanigans. We were way too tired. We hiked for ages.

Speaking of shenanigans… I love that someone’s going through rating all our entries as a 1. It means either someone comes here for porn and isn’t getting their fix or someone seriously hates us. I’m hoping for the latter. Cause damn that just slays me. Hate me so much you’ll sit in front of your computer clicking lil stars to try and make me look bad. I love you for it 🙂

I guess it could also mean someone thinks I am just that bad at blogging. But they’re still taking the time to sit and click a little star so it works for me.

However, if it’s the former, I’m sorry to say this is not now nor has it ever been much of a porn blog. Even when there’s porn to report, I often forget to report it. And Master hasn’t been taking many pictures lately. If I could figure out how to get my hands on His old pictures of me I’d put some of those up. But I’m not allowed to touch His computer without explicit instructions to do so anymore. When given no choice but to trust, a slave trusts. Weird, that!

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