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Happy birthday to me!

April 7th, 2008

Master’s pretty big on holidays and birthdays. I should have known He wouldn’t let mine sneak by without at least something small even if we are pretty broke. But I convinced myself that he was a rational man and would just accept that right now we couldn’t afford it and wait until His next pay check. I was wrong.

While I was at work for thirteen hours yesterday, He rushed around getting the ingredients for Indian food (my favorite cuisine) and a cake. We had beef curry, vegetable curry, basmati rice and naan. He changed the recipe around a bit and got it closer to the way it tastes at the Indian restaurant we love so much (but rarely go to because the prices are outrageous for dinner time and it’s almost impossible to get there for lunch). And even if He never gets it just like theirs, it was amazingly delicious last night.

The cake… I wanted to take a picture but I forgot until after I’d already cut it up. Oops. He says He killed it but it tasted pretty damn good! Butter fudge cake with cream cheese frosting. Yummy! And pink and purple princess letters (to appeal to my little girl side, I’m sure) that spelled out “Happy 28th Birthday slave”. When I saw “slave” and not my real name, I got all sorts of excited. “This is who I really am.”, I thought. And I thanked Him for putting “slave” on my cake instead of my name. “That’s who you are, isn’t it?” He echoed.

We went to watch American Gangster (I slept through most of it. I was exhausted.) and then He woke me up to get the bed ready. However, instead of going to bed, He gave me my birthday spankings (which He’s never done before, believe it or not!) bare handed. Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve gotten an honest-to-god bare handed spanking? It was amazing. I couldn’t even get fucked after! Stupid Aunt Flow.

And when He asked if He should give me two more (because He’s constantly picking on my fear of turning thirty) I vehemently shook my head. Not because I didn’t want two more, but because I am NOT thirty. Yet. Damn it.

This morning my bird woke me up and for the life of me I could not get back to sleep. He said, “You need to go back to sleep, bratmonkey.” and I said, “Yes, Daddy.” and started to drift off just as He decided sleep was overrated.

“Cuddle up next to me and use your mouth on my back.”

As I licked and kissed I couldn’t help but think “But this is my honorary birthday! Shouldn’t you be licking my back?” I didn’t dare say it, even though it was a joking thought. I was enjoying myself too much. And when He told me to lick my way down to His cock and pushed the blanket back, I grinned with pure delight as His cock sprung up hard as steel.

I sucked Him off to the tune of “Do you want me to hang you up and beat you today? Bruise your ass? And your tits?” I weighed the discomfort of not being able to fuck after (or during) against the enjoyment of a scene (which are still few and far between… I think that’s my fault, though) and my head started nodding furiously before I could finish the thought.

We’re now working out the details of a picnic in Thacher Park and mulling over how to get extra cash
this month. I seriously need a job that will pay me more than $0.30 over minimum wage.

I should have known He would do this * grin * He does it every year. His pay schedule sucks 🙁 It’s always at least a week after major holidays and our birthdays.

Oh! And Master removed the requirement to login/register to comment. I’m going to have to stay on top of things to make sure we don’t get spammed nonstop. For some reason the site emails Him for comments but doesn’t always email me even though I have it set to. Ah well… I’ll figure it out eventually.

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