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Face Fuck

March 29th, 2008

Okay, so I’m back. He’s determined to give me tons to talk about today!

There I was, just sitting in my chair, reading the news and minding my own business when suddenly a rather large cock was plopped on my shoulder. I looked down at it and said, “Hello.”

Imagine my surprise when it responded in its tiny voice, “Hello.”

I grinned up at Master and then He held His cock to my lips. I began to lick at the tip before sucking the entire thing into my mouth. Then He grasped a fistful of hair and began to violently fuck my face. He unzipped my zippered hoodie and took a handful of tit in His other hand while His hips thrust toward my mouth over and over. After what seemed like ages, I turned toward Him and He told me to get on my knees. He stripped me to the waist quickly while I sucked Him off.

He fucked my mouth while I remained on my knees allowing myself to be His masturbation toy. Eventually, I knelt up and held my tits around His cock as He fucked them slow and gentle, then fast and hard. He told me to put His cock back in my mouth and as I sucked He slapped my face. It’s always a struggle to keep from attempting to grit my teeth as I do when His cock isn’t in my mouth so they don’t knock together and still keep from my teeth slamming closed on His hard dick. Finally, He came in my mouth and I held it in my mouth a moment, relishing the taste of Him, before swallowing it down.

Last night He suggested that I suck His cock so He could cum on my ice cream but relented when I noted that it would melt by the time He got off. I don’t know if that speaks to His amazing stamina or my poor sucking skills. I hope the former!

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