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Not About You.

March 25th, 2008

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about it anymore but Master says people are… I don’t know… ignoring key parts of my entries? They’ve gotta be.  Because I’ve reread them and I outright said, “We’re working through it.” in pretty much every one.

We were never almost broken up.  Breaking up entirely never entered into the equation.  We only considered doing away with BDSM.  Doing away with Him being the Master and me being the slave.  And we decided to give it another go instead.  The situation and our decisions had nothing to do with anyone but ourselves.  No one we talk to or don’t talk to or read or don’t read or listen to or don’t listen to or whatever factored into the equation at all.

Man some people…

That’s something that has always bothered me about people.  All kinds of people.  Vanilla people, BDSM people, Gorean people, etc.  You get into an argument with your SO and the only logical reason they can come up with is it must be because you’re affiliated with them? When did my relationship become about you? When did my life and how I live it become about you?

Even if I had a sister or brother slave, I’d expect any altercations (though hopefully they will be few and far between from now on) between Master and me to be about and between Master and me and not the other slave.  Just as I would expect any altercations between Master and the other slave to be about and between Master and the other slave and not me.

While we’re all theoretically one big happy family, our relationships with each other are separate animals in my mind.  I shouldn’t be mad at them because they pissed Master off.  They shouldn’t be mad at me because I pissed Master off.  Master shouldn’t be mad at me because they pissed Him off (unless I had something to do with it) and He shouldn’t be mad at them because I pissed Him off.  And me and the other slave shouldn’t be mad at each other when we’re not getting along with Master.

Anyway… that’s all I really had to say.  It’s 5:32am and I’ve still got a few things to do before I skip off to work at this ungodly hour.  Have a great day 🙂

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